Smyrna Photographic Essay #1: Religious History/ Churches

The community of Smyrna originated in the late 1830s with the establishment of the Smyrna Campground by the Methodists of the area. The Campground served as a gathering point for religious services in a day when preachers rode circuit owing to their limited number and distances they were obliged to travel in this sparsely settled …

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The Smyrna Memorial Cemetery

Tucked Away On Atlanta Road, Smyrna Memorial Cemetery Holds City Trailblazers  An article by Haisten Willis  Thousands of drivers pass downtown Smyrna along Atlanta Road every single day, many of them completely unaware they’re passing one of the city’s most important historic landmarks: the Smyrna Memorial Cemetery. “I had a conversation with a couple the …

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An Expansion of Smyrna’s Photographic Resources

Marietta Daily Journal, March 6, 2017, Page 1 During the past year a committee of volunteers, working under the auspices of the Smyrna Arts & Cultural Council’s History Committee, met on a regular basis at the Smyrna Public Library to examine the back issues of the old Smyrna Herald and Smyrna Neighbor newspapers, published between …

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The Jonquil Historical Trail, Part 2

[31] The Mount Zion Baptist Church and Adjacent African-American Cemetery Site (1877). The Mt. Zion Baptist Church was organized to serve the growing African-American community of Davenport Town, a small community situated on the eastern edge of Smyrna.  In 1877, the Rev. George Lloyd and others organized this church. The first pastor was the Rev. …

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Upcoming Post: The Jonquil Historical Trail, Part 1

Smyrna, Georgia also known as the Jonquil City has been witness to many intriguing historical events and notable characters over is long and storied past. In Part's 1 and 2 of this series I will publish the full first draft of the proposal presented to the city government for the Jonquil City Historical Trail.