Upcoming Post: The Jonquil Historical Trail, Part 1

Smyrna, Georgia also known as the Jonquil City has been witness to many intriguing historical events and notable characters over is long and storied past. In Part's 1 and 2 of this series I will publish the full first draft of the proposal presented to the city government for the Jonquil City Historical Trail.

The New South and the New Immigrant, Part 2

As was noted in part 1 of this article, by 1910 some 115,000 southern and eastern European immigrants had settled in the eleven state region that had earlier comprised the Confederate States of America. The most numerous immigrant element to enter the region by that date were Italians, 44,358 in number, residing chiefly along the Gulf Coast and in the Mississippi River Valley.

Upcoming Post: The New South, Part 1

In the aftermath of the Civil war, Southern leaders consider the possibility of substituting imported white for black labor. This two part essay is concerned with a limited aspect of the prolonged campaign to induce white labor to turn south. It will consider, in particular, the efforts to procure a larger share of European immigration for the region.