Correspondence relating to the Italian Immigrant Experience

Gentillucci, Quattro Famiglie

This interesting and profusely illustrated book traces the history of the four Sandonatese  families from which author James Gantilucci descends (the Gentillucis, Cuginis, Quintilianis, and Cedrones).

Jim Gentilucci is a professor of Educational Leadership at California Polytechnic State University in Luis Obisco, California. His immigrant ancestors were originally based in the Brighton/Newton area just west of Boston.

Professor Gentilucci has done an exceptionally thorough job of documenting the history of his Italian immigrant ancestors.

Unfortunately this informative book is currently out of print, but the author expects to be bringing out a new edition shortly and has promised to keep us posted as to its  availability.

Map showing location of San Donato val di Comino

Name: Jim Gentilucci


Comment: Hello, Bill. Jim Gentilucci here. I’ve been following your writing for years, and your recent posts about the Salvucci family caught my attention. Loreto and Donato Salvucci were good friends with my grandfather and grandmother, Donato and Pasqua Gentilucci. Loreto and Donato witnessed my grandfather’s request for naturalization, and I think the Salvuccis and Gentiluccis lived as neighbors on Shepard and Shannon Streets. Please drop me a line when you have time. I have questions and info that we could share. All the best. –Jim

Time: April 14, 2017 at 8:31 pm



Hi Jim,

I’d like to mention your excellent book Quattro Famiglie to the readers of my historical blog and was wondering if copies are still available and, if so, how they can be obtained.

I certainly would be interested in any information you can provide about the Sandonatese immigrant experience.

Let’s definitely keep in touch.

Best Wishes,


1505 Whitfield St., Smyrna, GA 30080



Dear Bill,

Thank you for the quick reply.  I hope you and your family had an enjoyable Easter weekend.

The more I research my Gentilucci family history, the more I find it intertwined with the Salvuccis.  I attached a PDF of my grandfather’s citizenship papers, and the third page shows Loreto and Donato Salvucci as witnesses.  It also shows their residences and occupations.

My grandparents once lived at 8 Shepard Street; your family lived at 9 and 10 Shepard.  My great-uncle Pasquale Gentilucci owned the house at 40 Shannon Street, and a branch of the Salvucci family lived on one floor of that house at the same time my grandparents, Donato and Pasqua lived on another floor.  I attached a census document from 1930.  Start with line 83 and trace it down.  You’ll see the Salvuccis and Gentiluccis living at 40 Shannon.

I also attached three photos of the grave marker for Loreto and Donata Salvucci and my great uncle/aunt Pasquale and Maria Gentilucci from the Evergreen Cemetery in Boston.  I took these photos while researching my family members who are buried there.  The gravestones for the Gentilucci and Salvucci family members are close together in the same section of the cemetery.

I am presently out of printed copies of Quattro Famiglie, but I am working on a revised second edition.  I have since gathered more pictures and some new information about the Gentilucci family migration between San Donato and Marino during the harvest season.  I think (but am not positive) that members of the Salvucci family were part of the group who following the harvests between the two towns.  A friend in Boston gave me the directions of the actual route they walked during those years.  I plan to return and photograph it next year.

Anyway, I would like to formally publish the revised Quattro Famiglie, but I am new to book publishing.  If you have any suggestions about the process or ideas about book revisions, I would be most grateful to hear them.

Let’s keep our connection going.  I have many more questions, and your Salvucci family history offers some tantalizing insights into the story of my family.

Best regards,


1404 14th Street

Los Osos, CA  93402

(805) 528-5049

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